MIETTE: Teeny, Tiny Teacup Yorkie Girl. I am proud to have raised this sweet baby girl. Gayle Bunney


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Melanie M On: Jun 18, 2022 At: 10:10 AM
An update for Willow- she is really playful. Her personality is coming out now. She wakes up so early in the morning at 6:30 and likes to play. First day with Gruffy Bear, he barks at her. Second day, they are already starting to play together. She outruns Gruffy Bear when they play in the backyard. She is now the queen, lol. We just love her too. Melanie and family.
Gabrielle On: May 4, 2022 At: 11:06 AM
Hi Gayle,
Just wanted to share a photo of Kaslo. He’ll be three this summer, and is still the sweetest little ball of energy!
Lana M On: Feb 8, 2022 At: 9:21 AM
Hi Gayle. I hope you're well.

I just wanted to share an extremely heart warming story about our boy, Thor.

Today we went to the dog park. We met a boy named Jxxxx and his Mom, Kxx. Jxxxx is 12 and has autism. He is non verbal. Jxxxx's Mom brought him to the dog park as he had a doctor's appointment earlier and the appointments make him upset. Jxxxx loves dogs though, so this was a nice treat for him after his appointment.

Kxx explained that Jxxxx loves dogs but a lot of the dogs get really excited when Jxxxx starts making his high pitched squealing noises he makes when he gets excited and either get scared and start barking at him or get really excited and start jumping on him.

Cue Thor. Well, this guy stole everyone's hearts. Thor calmly approached Jxxxx and started rubbing up against him. Jxxxx sat down and Thor went and sat between his legs and started licking his hands. Jxxxx loved it. I showed Kxx and Jxxxx some of Thor's tricks and even showed Kxx how to help Jxxxx do some of the hand signals so Thor would do tricks for him.
Jxxxx got so excited that he started squealing. Thor got so excited but instead of jumping on him he got the zoomies lol. Jxxxx loved this and started clapping. Thor would run back to him, sit between his legs again and lick his hands again.

Thor and Jxxxx spent about a half hour together. Both myself and his mom Kxx got teary eyed watching the 2 together. It was magical.

Gayle, not only has Thor brought so much joy to myself and my family, but he manages to spread his love around and bring joy to others as well.

Thank you again for letting him become such a loved member of our family.

Take care,
Karen P On: Jul 14, 2021 At: 7:54 PM
In only 6 days, Misty is adjusting well, getting more adventurous, has checked out every room in the house. She has mastered the puppy stairs to our bed. Doesn’t just use them at bedtime, but if I have a nap after lunch, she’s napping with me. I’m an early riser but Steve likes to sleep in. Often when Misty & I come inside after our morning coffee on the deck, I find her back on the bed with him. So cute. She continues to sleep with us every night, stays there till I get up in the am, & does the usual “bed hog” thing.

I wanted to get her established at our Vet’s Office, so today she enjoyed the car ride (very good traveller). She was a big hit with the Vet & all the staff. Everyone commented on her beauty & sweet disposition. Today she received her Rabies vaccination, Bordetella oral & was microchipped. She did amazingly.

In all the years I’ve lived in this house, I have never seen a squirrel in our backyard … until today. Misty quietly watched as the squirrel ran back & forth along the top of the fence & once through the yard. No barks … nothing, just calmly watched. Speaking of barking, she has not uttered one peep or bark the entire time she has been here.

Other than the one pee in the house that I mentioned earlier, she has never had another accident since, and when she poops, it’s always on the turf.

Thus far, she really is not interested in any of her treats or chewies , with the exception of the soft Milkbone treats. Those are the only ones she has accepted.

Initially, when coming into the house from outside, she would only do so if I went in ahead of her & held the door. Now she runs in ahead of me as soon as the door opens so I have to be very vigilant not to step on her.

Our neighbour, Kelly, found some “kiddie pools” & bought not one but three for Misty (an extra for here & one for Arizona). Too funny 😁 Misty loves it when Kelly comes to visit, which has been every day since she came here.

If I’m unsure where she is, all I have to do is say “Misty come” & she immediately appears & sits down in front of me.

So, Gayle, all is going well here, she’s eating & drinking, so no need to worry. She’s the sweetest little lady, I we love her dearly. Rest easy, she’s in good hands & much loved. 😁🐾
THIS WEBSITE OWNER: This is what I always pray for when adopting out an adult dog. A beautiful home with beautiful people like Misty has now with Karen and Steve. In only 6 days, she is adjusting well. Gayle Bunney

Jose and Kathy On: Jul 6, 2021 At: 6:27 PM
Hi Gayle,

Hope you are doing well. We wanted to share a couple of Lucy's photos on her 1st birthday.


Jose and Kathy
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