MIETTE: Teeny, Tiny Teacup Yorkie Girl. I am proud to have raised this sweet baby girl. Gayle Bunney


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Adam On: Dec 4, 2023 At: 4:38 PM
This is my puppy. She is 7 month old, she is a Bugg. A bug is a Boston terrier / Pug mix. She is pretty much insane. Super lovable, super smart and a great companion. She is still in the ripping up things stage, I hope that will pass.
My other puppy passed away this summer. I had 13 great years with him (chewbacca) and I don't think anything will ever replace him. I don't want to replace him, instead we will have a new chapter with Princess Leia
Janette D-N On: Aug 13, 2022 At: 9:59 AM
Hi Gayle, Remy is so kind and sweet and very smart! He's doing great in all aspects of training, he's pretty much house broken, doing great with his harness for walks and it's doing really well on basic commands.

Julie W. On: Aug 13, 2022 At: 9:56 AM
Wrigley and Easton are now 3 years old. These 2 girls make our family complete. Thank You Gayle for choosing me as their forever Mom.
Paula Vagi On: Aug 7, 2022 At: 2:27 PM
Hello Gayle, just a quick hello to say we love our Kylie. She was 2years old on July 23. Her coloring has really lightened from black to silver. She is a very smart dog. Loves to go on walks and play at the off leash dog park where she runs for the ball then brings it back to my hand. She doesn't bark. Loves to watch animals on tv commercials. Thunderstorms really bother her. We can't imagine our lives without her.
Jenny P On: Jul 25, 2022 At: 10:10 AM
Hi Gayle!

I wanted to say hello and give you an update on our beautiful boy.

He loves people! He wants to meet everyone and is often called “the sweetest boy!”
He loves to eat! Since we free feed him he has access to food all day long and after a good meal he loves a GOOD belly rub!
He loves his stretches! Everyday we stretch out arms and legs and get a back massage!
He loves his plastic bowl you put in his package. YES…the dollar store bowl is his favorite. It’s all broken but he brings it to us when it’s empty and we fall apart at the cuteness!
He loves babies. If he could kiss a baby for an hour he will!
He loves toys! He plays with every toy all day long.
He is so smart! Took him 1 minute to learn some tricks!
He loves walks! Our walks are our special time together.
He loves his brother and sister. Everyday they kiss each other, play with each other, cuddle with each other…it’s so cute!

He is 14.5 pounds at 10 months old. Still on puppy food and so healthy. Thank you for him Gayle. He brings so much love and joy and laughter to our home!
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