Myth: Some breeds of puppies don’t go through so much annoying puppy behavior when they are little.

Fact: Some behavior patterns are influenced by genetics and breed types, but all puppies go through "NORMAL PUPPY BEHAVIOR" regardless of the breed. Such normal behavior for all puppies is.

  1. Mouthing and chewing.
  2. Vocalizing during play.
  3. Acting cautious but curious, removing objects from cabinets, closets, trash. Wanting to play with everything and anything.
  4. Being active and energetic.
  5. Avoiding extended eye contact.
    Having a short attention span and being easily distracted.
  6. Rolling over on its back.
  7. Pawing, batting or pouncing on toys or people.
  8. Barking, whining and mild crying.
  9. Jumping on people.
  10. Wanting to be near you or following you, wanting attention while you’re resting or sleeping.
  11. Chewing on whatever is in sight, furniture, clothes, books, shoes, everything.
  12. Sleeping frequently and at odd times, twitching during sleep.
  13. Rolling in smelly objects, such as droppings.
  14. Needing to urinate every time it drinks, sleeps, wakes up, Plays or goes out.
  15. Having house-training accidents until approx. four to ten months of age, during which time the accidents get fewer and farther between.

These are Normal Puppy Behaviors.  It is up to the Owner to Gently and Kindly teach a puppy what is allowed and what is not.  Gently and Kindly.

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