A Dog running free without a collar and tag
A dog with no way to find it's owner!!!

QUESTION: Why should I license my dog? What a waste of money?

ANSWER: Well first it is the LAW in all towns, cities, etc!!! So lets say you don't care about your areas laws?
That dog tag you get to place on your dogs collar when you apply/get the license is very important.

(1) Proves ownership of the dog in a dispute. It proves you own the dog, not the other person claiming to own the dog!

(2) Means when your dog gets picked while running free (accidentally getting out or off of your property), the dog can be returned to you from that little tag you got when you licensed your dog! Anyone can track you, a private citizen who found your dog or the Authorities.

(3) Because the dog was licensed, the "Fine" is far less when picked up by the Authorities for running free off your premises.

(4) Instead of a dog with no means of tracking the owner being put to death at an Animal Shelter or SPCA when it is picked up off your property, it gets to be returned to you. You save your dogs life!!!

And it is highly recommended that a Loving/Caring Owner also have their dog "Micro-chipped" for Permanent Identification in case the dog loses it's collar and/or license tag. Some Tattoos are a great help if they can still be read a long time later since the tattoo ink may fade with time?

NOTE: For country owners who are not required to license their dogs................at least put a tag on it's collar with a name and phone number on the tag. These tags can be purchased very cheaply from Vet Clinics and many Pet Stores. Country dogs can also be and should be microchipped for identification purposes.

for his/her sake

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