Please Note:  We have a No Kill Policy in effect here at my acreage and any wonderful Friends homes who help me out with this many dogs.  We only offer adult dogs for Adoption that can go on to be Faithful and Loving Companions in a perfect, carefully chosen home.  Dogs with Physical or Mental Problems live out their lives here.  None are euthanized because of Physical/Mental Problems or Older Age like so often happens elsewhere. Vet Fees are often over whelming each month to ensure all dogs are cared for with love and compassion.  Any monies brought in by selling puppies is how we care for all the dogs.  Food, Vets etc. etc. It  is never enough money.


 No guess work in adopting an Adult Dog.  Already house trained and already full grown so you know the adult size.  An adult dog is past the puppy stage of chewing on everything.
They are Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinations/Deworming up to date and Grooming up to date as well.  Unless our Vets determine they do not need full Dentals, they also have very costly Full Dentals done.
You will know what to expect with a cherished adult dog as I will work closely with you on the adult fitting into it's new (your) home. Adult dogs need love too even if no longer puppies.  Don't pass up an adult dog because of age.  They need a loving home too.

 They are my own dogs, with a few being here to be Ree-Homed or were Rescued. Basic requirements to adopt an adult dog are:

(1) Must own your own home in the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA.  We do not adopt outside Alberta.  I will no longer adopt Adults out to renters who always seem to be moving to another place where they have to get rid of the dog or to people who will suddenly be told by their Land Lord that they can no longer have a dog.

(2) Must have a LARGE, securely fenced yard that leads directly off the back door of the house for the dog to play in as they are used to running free here on the farm and do not do well without a large, securely fenced yard to run/play in. They do not do well just being walked.

 They also will wander AT FIRST if adopted to a country home without a fenced yard. Until bonded with their new owner and new territory, they will try to come home. Little dogs do not survive long when lost.  Thus no country homes unless that home has a large, securely fenced backyard.

 As they have never been tied up in their lives, I simply will not allow them to go to a home where they will be tied for any reason.  Past experience has shown that they are miserable and terribly unhappy being tied up as they are adults, not puppies any longer.  Some may think puppies can adapt to being tied?  My adults cannot. 

 The fenced yard must lead directly from the door of the house, without having to carry or lead the dog to the yard.  Simply because though all are house trained they are used to a doggie door and coming and going when they wish too. It has proven to be difficult for them if the new owner cannot just open the door up to let them in or out.

 ( 3  No young children in the home.  They are not used to children and unlike puppies who can quickly adapt to children, they have a harder time. Once bonded with their new owner and territory, they do fine with  children.

(4)  Able to walk a dog daily, take the dog places and give the dog an active life outside the home. I am going to say this one more time.  If your not going to walk the dog daily and take it places such as off leash parks once it is bonded with you for excellent recall, then DO NOT GET ONE OF MY DOGS!!!  They deserve better than just a backyard.  They are used to Mega Freedom here in the Country and are often NOT TRULY HAPPY without walks and some sort of happy free time.  Freedom and long walks are so important to all dogs.  Especially those who have known Freedom as my dogs have.

(5)  No people who are or will suddenly developed an Allergy to the dog.  No people who will suddenly become too Busy/Pregnant/ Moving/etc. to care for a dog any longer.

I realize that my requirements sound very strict.  But unless a certain dogs ad states otherwise, they must be met for the Dogs Happiness.

Our goal is to find Perfect Homes for adult dogs, not give them away to just anyone where it has been proven the dog often ends up unhappy, stressed or no longer wanted.

Thank You for understanding.  Gayle at 780-826-7818.  We accept Phone calls from 9 to 5, seven days a week.  If no one answers the phone, please leave a message so we can return your call.

DO NOT TEXT:  This is a land line and Text messages will be ignored.

Now for the most serious thing that makes me choke up and begin crying just writing these words when it comes to adopting out my precious adult dogs.  I trusted the wrong people in 2021. 

MAGGIE:  Adopted out in 2021 to someone who did not listen and let little, 8 pound Maggie get out of his front door.  Never followed protocol in finding a lost dog. Maggie found deceased 5 days later in the city of Edmonton.  Maggie did not deserve to suffer and die. If a person is adopting an adult dog, please listen to instructions on keeping the dog safe until it has time to bond with you.

NINA:  Adopted out in 2021 to someone who did not listen and let little, 9 pound Nina escape from her NOT SECURELY FENCED backyard.  Expert dog trackers were brought in to track her in the city of Leduc.  After searching for weeks, Nina is deceased.  Nina did not deserve to suffer and die.  If a person is adopting an adult dog, please listen to instructions on keeping the dog safe until it has time to bond with you.


Maggie and Nina Lost and Deceased. Don't Adopt an Adult dog if your not going to keep them safe.

Adult Dogs Occassionally For Adoption


Maybe your new Forever Friend is here just waiting for YOU???


ELVIS: Adopted by David and Tanya B. First they adopted beautiful Bonnie, then came back and adopted my sweet Baby Elvis
Misty: Adopted and loved by Steve and Karen P
HARLEY and SPICE: Verna and Peter H adopted Harley first from me. Harley was a handful for them when they first took him home. These wonderful people then came back this year and adopted beautiful Spice. The kindness and love they have for these dogs is a blessing from heaven. Thank You one million times Verna and Peter. Year: 2018
ZEDA: After a failed adoption, Zeda was returned to me. Then Mike and Lorraine H of Red Deer made the long drive here. Mike made it very clear he would not give up on Zeda. Within days, Zeda had fit into their home and was happy. Mike and Lorraine are "Angels" are far as I am concerned. Thank You Mike.
JETTA: Jetta has been adopted. Jackie F from Ft. McMurray fell in love with this pretty girl. Jetta will be sleeping on their bed and travelling everywhere with them. The perfect tiny dog for the perfect people.
GEM: 5 yr old Maltese Type. ADOPTED now by Pat and Larry P from Red Deer, Alberta. Just meeting Larry and Pat, I know Gem got an exceptional home.

I wish to thank the many people who have assisted me with Rescues in the past. 

This Photo Collage shows just some of our many Dog Rescues.  Over the years, I was also involved in the Rescue of an abused Donkey, a rejected newborn Wild Boar, many Neglected/Abused/Injured Calves, Horses, Cats, Dogs, an injured Eagle, injured Hawks, Magpies, Crows,  and have assisted people financially with food for their animals, Veterinary costs, etc. 

Unlike my own dogs I retire from my breeding program who get to go to new homes, Domestic Rescues of all types are a different story as they can sometimes be hard to place in new homes.

Shown in the Collage.

Elderly Black dog on the top left:  Scheduled to be Euthanized as no longer wanted.  Elderly and in frail health she was unadoptable. But let me tell you, she had several happy months here on my acreage before it was time to say Goodbye. 

Black Puppy on top right:  From a Puppy Mill that was going to dump her to an unsuspecting buyer on the Internet.  With help from friends, we took her in as she was sickly, full of worms and needed surgery for an injury that appeared to be caused by being forcefully hit with a blunt object.  Once healthy, surgeries done including spayed she found a wonderful home.  Thanks Megan for adopting her.

White dog on bottom left:  Unwanted, unloved, uncared for, this dog had become Neurotic to the point he chewed on his own body until he had bleeding sores. I picked him up before they took him out and disposed of him.  As you can see, he is healthy and happy in his new home.  Thanks Terry and Ann for adopting him and giving him a loving, forever home. NOTE:  He had been returned to me after the first failed adoption.

Creame Dog on bottom right: I did not use my pictures of her the day she came to my home.  Because she was nothing but skin and bones, starved almost to death. Her face swollen to 4 times its size with infection. I cannot look at those pictures without crying.  Blessings to Peter and Deb for adopting her.

Thank You everyone who adopts one of my own dogs or a Rescued dog, all Rescued animals from me.  Thank you.




Adult Dogs

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