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I and my 2 partners raise Purebred Yorkies (Yorkshire Terriers), purebred Maltese, Morkies (Maltese / Yorkie) and Maltese / Yorkie / Shih Tzu crosses.

If you can still see a puppies picture, we still have the puppy.  We delete their picture when they find a new home

A Healthy, Happy Mom means Healthy, Happy Puppies!!!

PLEASE NOTE: A donation from the sale of every Maltese, Yorkie, Shih Tzu (purebred or crossbred) puppy is made to help animals in need.  To view just some of the organizations we also donate too, please visit our "About Us" page.

Our purebred Maltese and Yorkie Puppies as well as our Morkie and Shih Tzu cross Puppies come with Puppy Vaccinations done on schedule, Dewormed, Groomed and that very important "One Year Health Guarantee" for any serious Hereditary/Congenital Defects.  It is very wise to never buy a puppy without a written Health Guarantee.  No Health Guarantee in writing, don't buy the puppy!!! 

UPDATE:   Our puppies now also come with 6 weeks Free Pet Insurance.  

Please check out our Pet Insurance Provider http://www.breedsecure.ca

They come with samples of safe puppy treats, dental chews, baby brush, toys, food, pee pads, blanket or bed, Health Document and mega printed material on "Caring For Your New Puppy".

They come already doing awesome on pee pad training and well socialized.

I am also there for you for the life time of the puppy to answer your questions or assist you in any way I can.

YOUR DEPOSIT:  A small deposit of $200 to $350  by E Transfer depending on the price of the puppy is a necessity to hold a puppy for you and/or deliver a puppy for you. 

My Promise To You: 

 I always encourage people to come here to see where all puppies were born and raised.  To see my property and that it is well maintained. And that all dogs are cared for correctly.  To see that NO dogs are locked in small dirty pens inside or outside, crying to get out and uncared for.  To see that they have 10 securely fenced acres to run and play in. To see they are Happy and Healthy.

Please come if able too.  To know truly where your puppy came from. It is very important for you to know. My promise to you is that you will love meeting my adult dogs and the Freedom they enjoy. 

We are very proud of our ability to show that Puppies can be raised "Humanely" with love and kindness.  Adult breeding dogs can be kept "Humanely" with love, kindness and Freedom to enjoy life to the maximum.  We love our dogs and puppies and they love us.

Please also visit my "Available Adult Dogs" page for adopting an Adult dog.  Adults come with full, expensive Dentals done, Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated, Dewormed, Groomed, you receive a complete history on each dog, etc.  Adults dogs need loving homes too!!! 

Please send my website to any friends and please take the time to view all of my extensive website as it is meant as a teaching tool for many. Thank You for caring where your puppy comes from.  Gayle

For more information, please use the Contact Us page or phone 780-826-7818 DO NOT TEXT, this is landline. We accept Phone calls from 10 to 8, seven days a week.  Please leave a message if no one answers the phone. 


Purebred Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier) Girl
Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier) Girl Pic 1
Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier) Girl Pic 1

This wee Yorkie Girl is such an amazingly gentle, kind girl. Like all purebred Yorkies, she was born Black and Tan and slowly turning "Steel Blue and Gold" like a Yorkie is supposed to.

She was born on December 22/2023.

She has Hair, not Fur like Yorkies are supposed too.  She is Non Shedding and house trained.

She comes with her (4 way) Vaccinations up to date,her deworming up to date, Spayed, Microchipped,  Health Guaranteed, Pet Insurance, a tote bag of her puppy things, etc.

Estimating to be at the most 6 lbs at maturity.

I have included picutres of her Teacup Dad and her stunningly gorgeous Mom.



More Precious Puppies coming in mid June/2024
$650 to $1800 depending on the puppy
Mom: Purebred Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier)
Mom: Purebred Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier)

Although we do not have the puppy pictures yet, we want to show you our wonderful parents of the puppies coming, starting middle of June.  It takes perfect parent dogs to make perfect puppies.

(1)  Tradional, real, correct Yorkies (Yorkshire Terriers).  We refuse to mix Biewer Terrier in our puppies and still call them Yorkies.   Biewer Terriers are not Yorkies.

(2)   Healthy, Happy Morkies (Maltese / Yorkies). Our Puppy People's favorite cross.

(3)   And our highly recomended 3 way cross. Maltese / Yorkie / Shih Tzu.

(4)   My partner also has 3 gorgeous Maltese coming from her Momma Dog and my Daddy Dog.

Free delivery available to Ft. Sask just outside Edmonton. Ft Sask is far closer for Calgary area people too than our acreage is at Bonnyville.

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