Tidbits of Information

Tidbits Of Information

Some Humor: Why did Old McDonald's wife leave him?

Because he had a chick chick here and a chick chick there, here a chick, there a chick, everywhere a chick chick.............

Okay, okay, I thought it was funny, okay? Now for some Tidbits.........When you cross a male donkey with a female horse, you get a MULE. But when you cross a female donkey with a male horse, you get a HINNY. They both are HYBRIDS. Hybrids cannot reproduce as they are Sterile. Same goes for other species. When you cross a Buffalo with Cattle you get Beeffalo or sometimes called Cattalo. They too are Hybrids, thus sterile and unable to reproduce.

Talking dogs now, when you cross two breeds together, they are always healthier with fewer physical problems than Purebreds. Why? Because many Purebreds have a limited Gene Pool, thus Hereditary Defects and Problems are present. By crossing two breeds, you are adding new genetics to the Gene Pool, wiping out many of each breeds hereditary physical problems.

Spring is just around the corner and that means many creatures will be having their young and entering their Reproduction Cycle. So for today's topic we are going to take a look at the "Gestation Period" of a few animals. The gestation Period is how long a female animal is pregnant before giving birth.

OPOSSUM: 12 to 13 days. The young have a cozy pouch to squirm into where they will stay until old enough to face the world. The shortest pregnancy.

ELEPHANT: 600 to 660 days. That's getting pretty close to being pregnant for almost 2 years. Known as the longest pregnancy.

CAT: 58 to 65 days. Not very long compared to a Lion who is pregnant for 108 days.

DOG: 58 to 70 days. Small breeds average 60 days. Large breeds average a week longer or 67 days.

HORSE: 330 to 340 days for HEAVY, DRAFT breeds. 340 to 342 days for LIGHT, SADDLE TYPE breeds. So remember, those draft types foal sooner than light breed horses.

DONKEY: 365 days. Yup, one full year of being pregnant. Quit a bit longer than horses.

Remember the big four when training all animals. Patience, Kindness, Consistency and Repetition. (all four combined never fails to work).

Posted ON Wed, February 1, 2023 at 11:06:59 am MST
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