Dogs and Left Over Bones


Recent research into the Trauma, Surgery to save the dog, and LOSS (death) OF THE PET (dog) involving bones is: DON’T GIVE YOUR DOG BONES FROM LEFT OVER STEAK, PORK CHOPS, CHICKEN, TURKEY, FISH, ANY OF THEM. I know, I know, my dogs get them too occasionally??? But usually as RAW, before they are dried out from cooking……………. Never "cooked" fish, never ever poultry (chicken, duck, turkey, whatever), never pork chop, never steak, is my MOTTO!!! But if the bone is a Femur bone……………. Okay, lets do it this way. If the bone is a totally LARGE, ROUND, BIG PIECE OF bone, it chips when they are devouring it, all flat bones, SPLINTER when devoured, then I am guilty of giving LARGE ROUND BONES from both hams and roasts.

Large round, Semi Safe. Flat, such as in pork chops and steaks, DEADLY. Heck, some dogs show no signs of pain and/or severe trauma to their digestive system for a couple of days or so. THUS, the owner does not come up with the cause of what can be a potentially deadly happening in their dogs digestive system because the signs aren’t apparent shortly after you GAVE THE DOG A BONE!!!

For this information on Bones you gave your dearly beloved dog, for all you out there who have always done it without problems, for all the dogs who WILL die from those undigested bone fragments, maybe weeks later, please remember, "THE DOG DIDN’T DESERVE IT." Not the bone tossed to him, not the pain from undigested bone fragments and certainly not the resulting death if it comes to that!!!

Posted ON Wed, February 1, 2023 at 11:06:59 am MST
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