NOTE: You cannot see through the hair the STARVATION of her little body underneath that hair.  But you can see, her tail dragging, her hunched back, head hanging, total Despair.

Photos taken after Intervention and strong enough to walk a few feet without collapsing.  I had carried her outside to go potty.  She walked approx 30 feet before laying down in the snow and panting from the exertion of walking only that far.
People often spot short haired animals that are starving to death.
Rarely do people realize that many animals (in this case dogs) are in just as bad of shape but the hair hides that fact.  Many shaggy or long haired dogs die of starvation because no one from a distance realizes they are in such bad shape so they can be Reported and/or Rescued.
Mia-Mia dancing with her buddy Gem after becoming healthy


Little Dog Survives Starvation
Gayle Bunney
Someone had thrown a load of garbage back in the bush, just off the highway in a remote location. As I passed, I caught a glimpse of what I presumed was a porcupine in the garbage.
Three days later I passed the same spot and again saw the porcupine.  I was a mile past when it hit me!  Porcupines are not that deep of black color. I turned the car around and went back.
In the bitter cold of winter, the pup raised it's head and weakly tried to stand. It was curled up on an empty garbage bag, the closest thing to a blanket it could find.
The approximately 11+ month old pup's stomach contained nothing but bits of cardboard, plastic, wax paper and a part of a bottle cap. All that pup had to eat was the containers that came from fast food restaurants that once had contained food which it could smell.
She weighed less than 9 pounds and the proper weight for a pup of that size and age would have been around 15 pounds.The loss of this much Body Weight can mean the emancipated animal may not be strong enough to be saved.
 The Vet documented her as severely "Malnourished", absolutely nothing but skin and bones, hair coat was matted and filthy.  I have rescued a lot of animals in my life time and she was one of the worst cases.  She could not have survived more than another day or two.  How long she had been there will never be known but for sure days, maybe even weeks without food or shelter.
Once Healthy and Spayed, Mia Mia was adopted out to a loving, forever home.  Thank you Everett and Bonnie for adopting this previous girl.
Posted ON Wed, February 1, 2023 at 11:06:59 am MST
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