"For 8 desperate days, this yearling horse's owner searched the heavy bush for her missing horse. She was still alive when found. She had been shot with a High Powered Rifle. The damage and raging, out of control infection in the wound meant only one thing! She could not be saved. She was humanely euthanized by a Veterinarian. Somewhere near Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada is the JACKASS who shot this beautiful filly and left her to die. So sad, so terribly sad this filly had to suffer so horrendously because someone thought it would be fun to shoot an innocent horse standing in a field."
The Day Will Come When Our "Creator" Judges Us For Not Only How We Have Treated Our Fellow Humans, But Also For How We Have treated All Creatures At Our Mercy.

Posted ON Wed, February 1, 2023 at 11:06:59 am MST
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