Rescued from a PUPPY MILL
Rescued by "Golden Retriever Rescue of South Florida"

Can you even fathom the Pain, the Starvation, the Loneliness and the FEAR, Grace has lived her whole life??? Locked in a small, filthy pen her whole life, fed barely enough to survive, bred every heat cycle, never seen by a Vet for her many health love, no kindness........................ waiting to die.............. well thanks to the people who rescued Grace, she is being brought back to health and I pray will go on to a life of Love, Good Food, FREEDOM, Gentle Kindness and Happiness as all dogs deserve.

Please Help Support STOPPING PUPPY MILLS. Do not let this go unchecked. Dogs can be raised HUMANELY and with LOVE and KINDNESS as I am doing. There is no need for this CRUELTY of dogs, puppies can be raised carefully and with kindness. STOP the suffering of the Adult dogs from Puppy Mills!!! Gayle, Host/Owner of this website,

 All of us here are dedicated to teaching people about proper care of animals. Both the physical and mental well being of all creatures is everyone's responsibility. We need you to join us in fighting the good fight against animal abuse. If you see animal abuse, either physical or mental, and don't know what to do about it, talk to us, let us guide you through the steps of reporting it, let us add our support, let us be there to help you. All of us working together, one voice to help those creatures whom cannot speak out and help themselves. Taking even one tiny step towards stopping animal abuse is a large step for all mankind. Their suffering will continue if people like you and I do not step in and help them. They cannot help themselves, they need us.

Posted ON Wed, February 1, 2023 at 11:06:59 am MST
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