August 1995 to July 8/2009

NOTE FROM THIS WEBSITE OWNER: Blackie was a young, neglected "Rescued dog". Her owners writing next shows each stage of their life together. From when they Met, to when they Bonded to their Final Goodbye. So very well written.

She looked at me
Sad eyes,
Lonely, Desperate, Dejected?

She looked at me
Hopeful eyes,
Tentative, Questioning, Afraid?

She looked at me
Laughing eyes,
Joy, Excitement, Love?

She looked at me
Old eyes,
Rheumy, Wise, Questioning?

She looked at me
Eyes closing,
Tired, Thankful?.......Forever

Rest Well my pretty little one, my little bad apple, my silly goose,
My heart goes with you

Sadly missed by:
Margo Morton
Crane Lake, Alberta, Canada


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