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 4 tiny Fox Kits saved from starvation
4 tiny Fox Kits saved from starvation
Caige gently holding one of the rescued Fox Kits
Caige gently holding one of the rescued Fox Kits

My Hero's:  Gordon Southward, his beautiful wife Shelly and their son Caige from Cold Lake, Alberta are my hero's.

I have known this fine family for a number of years as Gordon is my "Christian Adviser" working with me to become a better Christian.

In May/2015 a father and mother Fox made the mistake of raiding someones chicken coop.  The result is they were shot dead.  Shortly after, 4 tiny Fox Kits, far to young to survive without their Mom left their den in desperate search of nourishment.  Starving and weak they cried for their Mom to come feed them.

Gordon and his family came to their Rescue.  Following them back to their deep den, they set out to save them.  For hours they dug in the hot sun as Fox dens are notoriously deep, then finally they were able to rescue them to save their lives.

They did not stop there though.  They contacted a Wildlife Expert on feeding and care of Fox Kits who works to rehabilitate "Gods Creatures Of The Wild", then when old enough to survive on their own, releases them back into the wild.  They made the long drive to this persons place and the saving of these 4 Kits was complete.

Thank You Gordon, Shelley and Caige for your kindness for all Gods Creatures.  Gayle, owner of this website.


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Walking my pack of small dogs in the winter in Northern Alberta
I break the trail in deep snow, up past my knees
They love it
I get pretty tired
BUT: They love it
Gayle Bunney
Host of this website

Hello, thanks for visiting my website. For many years this website has been dedicated to caring for all Creatures, Great and Small. We continue to help all people and their animals, especially Puppies and Dogs.

We specialize in Puppies For Sale and Adult Dogs For Adoption. These wonderful creatures love us unconditionally and deserve to know Freedom, Love and Compassion.

My little dogs love to end up at a swimming hole on their Summer Time Walks
This 10 pound dog loves swimming so much, it is hard to get her to head back home

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My Pet Magpie who comes on my long daily walks with the dogs. He chatters Non Stop to me. Here he is having his dinner in his favorite tree in the horse pasture.


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 You will find me at Bonnyville, Alberta which is north east of Edmonton. Situated between St. Paul and Cold Lake. This part of Alberta is a beautiful place to visit and to live with Edmonton being the closest large city.

UPDATE:  My dogs now have a whopping 2.5 acres of securely fenced yard to run and play in when I am not outside with them. When I am outside with them, they have complete freedom in the country as I am there to keep them safe.  The 2.5 acres has stands of trees and other natural fauna for them to investigate and play the roll of "Mighty Hunters" to their hearts content. Talk about Happy Dogs!!!

Happy and Healthy
Specializing in small breed Crosses.
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I have now retired from a life time of raising and training horses. Horses remain close to my heart and a great amount of articles about horses have been saved for horse lovers under the "Our Archives" section of this site.
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