Finding a Lost Pet

Finding A Lost Pet

Many of you will be travelling on holidays with your beloved pets. WARNING: Many people lose their pets when on holidays. Here is why and how to stand a better chance of finding your lost pet. A great many dogs jump out of their owners cars at service stations while you are fueling up or getting a snack or using the restrooms. People go many, many miles sometimes before anyone realizes the dog is missing. Dogs go missing when you all are getting in and out of the car while at a restaurant. And dogs let out of the vehicle to go to the bathroom themselves without a collar and leash can get frightened by the strange surroundings or something else frightens them and take off running. This may be the only time in your pets life, they did not respond to your frantic calling to come back. It may be their last too. They also go missing when you arrive at your destination, and let then out of the house thinking they will stay around, do their business and scratch at the door to get back in. Instead they have found a hole in the fence and are now lost, unsure where you are or how to get back to you.

Never leave home without a clear photo of your pet tucked safely in your luggage. Just a clear picture of the pet here, not cluttered up with a bunch of people or other animals. You are going to need that picture to make duplicates of it for Lost Posters. To leave at all available pet shelters, veterinarians. pounds, SPCA's, and humane societies. These are where most people who find your pet will take them. IMPORTANT: And at every service station, restaurant, motel you stopped at in the first place, if you don't know where you actually lost your pet.) Yes, people, it happens, you just plain don't know where you lost him at. Tattoo's are good for identifying your lost pet, but may fade and be unreadable with time. Microchips are great, if where your lost pet ends up at, they have a scanner for reading this tiny under the skin implant. So, make sure your pet is wearing a collar with his currant years tags on. And do add a personal tag, purchased from a pet store, vet clinic, etc. with your pets name and your phone number on it. Some even have room for your address. I cannot stress enough, how much more easily your pet can be found and returned to you with up to date tags on the collar. Most people will phone that number if they find your pet. Some people who find a pet without a collar and easy to read tags, will perhaps keep it or worse case scenario, destroy it as it is not wanted. Cats are also prone to being lost or running away when not on home territory so same things for them too.

Posted ON Wed, February 1, 2023 at 11:06:59 am MST
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